Our Process

alpaca_gimiIn order to be 100% organic and free from impurities, Alpaca-Gold has to go through a process to maintain its high quality and cleanliness. Alpaca Ranchers gather the product from (Pastures) from the high plains of Colorado where the product is cleaned (rocks tree debris etc.) dried and stored for processing. The original product called “Nuggets” after cleaning is packaged by weight for our customers who are looking for slow release of nutrients for their gardens and lawns. The product called” Dust” is screened and packaged for use as a tea mix or spread around the base of plants. The product called “Placer” after its cleaned goes through a grinding process to break up the original nuggets into smaller pieces to be used for a tea mix or spread at the base of plants indoors or out. During the processing stage the Neem cake is added to complete the process. Because of the purity of the product Alpaca-Gold does not go through any chemical or heat treatment to kill any bad bacteria (All other manure products go through this process) its 99.9% N.P.K. and thus does not destroy the micro-Nutrients that are so essential for proper plant nutrition and growth Alpaca-Gold’s products and packaging are all bio-degradable making our product more sustainable and improving the soil where its used. Safe,environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. Alpaca-Gold ” Mother Natures Prefect Plant Food”

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