When I was doing my research during Alpaca-Golds R& D phase I was surprised to learn the difference between organic versus Natural fertilizer products. I had always thought they were one in the same. Organic fertilizers are man made using what are considered earth elements like Nitrogen cooper magnesium phosphate potassium etc. These earth elements are mixed together to give you the N.P.K. used on various plants some requiring more of one element then others.

Natural fertilizers are like your kelp, seaweed, bamboo, bat camo, manure products like cow, horse, chicken, alpaca etc. But the differences don’t stop there. All manure products with the exception of alpacas have to be heat or chemically treated to kill the bacteria and pathogens harmful to your health. When you do this, you also destroy the Micro-Nutrients so important for exceptional plant health. Alpacas are the only animal that because of its three stomach chambers, digest the grass etc. so thoroughly that it’s 99% contamination free. Because you don’t have to heat or chemically treat the product, its Micro-Nutrients are available for your plants nutritional needs. Alpaca manure is the best Natural fertilizer you can buy and because of its Humus base it also helps retains water and enriches your soil better then any other fertilizer product. Humus is where the Micro-Nutrients are found I discovered this during my research and was exceptionally happy this was the product I was working to develop commercially. Because the Alpaca Manure Alpaca-Gold promotes and because of its exceptionally clean nature the U.S.D.A. and department of Agriculture have certified it 100% natural or as some people call it Organic. Several major University’s have classified it as a soil nutrient. I share this information with you so you know the difference and can select the product that fits your needs. You pay a little more for the finest fertilizer product you can buy but what’s the quality of your families food worth? When your talking about growing the highest quality food use the best highest quality fertilizer your plants know the difference and so will you in abundance and taste. If you don’t use an organic or natural fertilizer please don’t use chemicals or Pesticides these are poisoning our planet and killing our wildlife not to mention polluting our water sources. Go natural or organic your planet thanks you so will your children when you leave a cleaner environment for their future.

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