Many years ago people didn’t have to worry about the chemicals and pesticides that didn’t exist. In today world after years of commercial growers and small back yard gardens these chemicals and pesticides have poisoned our soil to the point that its killing our birds bees and other valuable insects that’s good for our planet. People are now starting to realize the harm all these chemicals are doing to our soil and more important to our overall environmental safety and that of our future generations a world our children are going to be growing up in.

I recommend we step back and revaluate our use of these poison’s and start using organic products that help our soil by enriching it and making our food better tasting and our soil much healthier. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s good for our families and our soil it simply has to be neutral in its composition and all organic products takes the guess work out of this equation. There are plenty of fertilizer and soil additives that help our soil and has no negative effects hurting our soil and its healthy condition. Seek ways to help our planet and reduce our use of chemicals and pesticides our creatures (birds bugs ,bees etc.) will appreciate your efforts no to mention our children’s healthy environment. Use organic and help our children’s world become a better place while eating healthy. Amen

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