The Indoor Garden

The Indoor Garden

The growing demand from people wanting to feed their families the healthiest food in an effort to eliminate the chemicals and pesticides that’s in our commercial food chain is helping to grow the popularity of products like Alpaca-Gold. More and more families are saving money growing better tasting food getting some much needed exercise while helping to keep our environment free of chemicals and pesticides.Alpaca-Gold is also ideal for indoor plants  its been referred to as “Mother Nature’s Prefect plant Food” when you use A.G. you are growing the best tasting and most nutritious food your family will eat. The greenest and most vibrant indoor plants that’s contributing to cleaner air and adding color to your home environment. Alpaca-Gold its one of a kind.

With the government taking a more active role in the distribution of chemical fertilizers & pesticides we feel Alpaca-Gold is positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. With the growing number of urban famers each year raising their own food our product is positioned to make an impact on this market demand. Please contact our company if you would like to become part of this growing market and partner with Alpaca-Gold in distributing this excellent fertilizer.

Urban Farming

There is a movement blossoming around the world, and gardeners and community members in Colorado are some of its most passionate leaders.
Home owners are ripping up turf and planting vegetable gardens where they grow nutritious food for their families and many lucky neighbors. Apartment dwellers can be seen watering peppers and herbs in pots on balconies.
New non-profit community groups have sprouted and are being supported by like-minded citizens. Some organizations are dedicated to working with urban youth where the benefits of healthy eating are discussed and valuable skills on how to create and manage micro enterprises based on a robust and profitable local food system are taught. Others are working with public schools to convert playground space (some schools are even dedicating multiple acres of their facility) to learning gardens where kids as early as four and five marvel at the biodiversity that makes up healthy soil and learn how to delicately plant dozens of varieties of vegetable seeds.
Throughout the growing season, students and teachers care for these life-giving plants and eventually chunks of perfectly imperfect heirloom tomatoes will ooze down their chins as they laugh and celebrate the harvest in cafeterias all over the city.
Denver Mayer Michael Hancock has even created a special council of community leaders who are helping to shape policy on how to transform Denver into a farming-friendly city and ensure that all residents, regardless of their economic status, have access to healthy and locally grown produce.
The movement is unmistakable, as we come to experience the joy of tending our gardens and the taste of real food. Make 2014 the year you started a vegetable garden and cultivate the farmer within. Here’s to growing food, eating well, and living full. – Aron Rosenthal, Waster Farmers, makers of Maxfield’s

Current  online/retail outlets
1. Alpaca-Gold – Alpaca-Gold.com
2. BuildASoil – BuildASoil.com
3. Natural Order – naturalordersupply.com
4. Indoor Gardener – indoorgardenergj@gmail.com
1.970.640.0127 (Sales)
SALES: RSalazar@alpaca-gold.com

Alpaca-Gold has agreements with ranchers to provide our company with unlimited amounts of this product so supply will never be an issue and distribution from coast to coast.

Contact Alpaca-Gold for more details on how to become a partner.

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