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Alpaca-Gold is developing a Brand Partnership Program bringing together Alpaca Ranchers and Farmers all over North America (and eventually worldwide) uniting our combined efforts to market their Alpaca manure to the general public under the Trade name ”Alpaca-Gold”.

The Ranchers who are selected will agree to the guidelines set forth by Alpaca­Gold. Together we will be reaching out to people who are looking for an outstanding fertilizer product that will help improve sustainability by reducing the chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides currently destroying our wildlife and polluting our water

The organic consumer market is growing 10% annually and together we can have an impact to help urban farmers and terrace (patio) gardeners obtain a product like Alpaca-Gold providing the healthy nutrition all families are looking to achieve.

Also, we are offering an excellent additional source of income for Alpaca Ranchers who are looking to add value to their alpaca business.

Below is some information to help those Alpaca Ranchers decide if they want to join this growing market under the umbrella of “Alpaca-Gold”.


The Alpaca Ranchers that are selected will pay a fee for the rights of marketing their products under the trade name “Alpaca-Gold” of an initial licensing and branding fee of approximately $1,500. There may also be ongoing annual renewal fees that are still to be determined. Alpaca-Gold will establish territory boundaries to avoid any competition from other Alpaca-Gold Brand Partners (Exclusivity).


The brand partnership product lines will be consistent in manufacturing and quality standards set by Alpaca-Gold. Pricing to be determined by input from both the participating rancher (farmer) and Alpaca-Gold.


Alpaca-Gold will be continuously conducting a national/international advertising campaign to create more awareness about our products and our group using Alpaca-Gold’s web site and social media.


Alpaca-Gold has worked very hard to keep all its packaging material bio­degradable, keeping with the theme of not polluting our soil or landfills. Alpaca Gold Brand Partners will have the choice to be provided packaging from the Company or will have access to our vendors for pricing.

If Brand Partners have their own packaging relationships they can also be used as long as the packaging and branding meets Company requirements.


The responsibility of complying with applicable rules and regulations is the sole responsibility of the Alpaca-Gold Brand Partner where they are doing business. The company will provide assistance for Brand Partners that request it.


All of the Company produced product is organically registered in Colorado. We believe that is a huge value and benefit for the Alpaca-Gold product-line. We are still deciding whether we will require our Brand Partners to provide organic registered/ certified products to the marketplace. We will discuss this with you as you contemplate becoming a Brand Partner.


Training and assistance in developing market awareness will also be provided.


Alpaca-Gold will provide Brand Partners with all the necessary information, education and documentation to easily conduct the product preparation needed for preparing the end product.

Alpaca-Gold is fast becoming a name that the urban and organic farming community is coming to recognize.

This trend will continue to grow and Alpaca-Gold will become a household name.

The second is to reach out to people with indoor plants who are also looking for a safe, effective and natural product to use that’s free from any liability or harm to their family’s pet or their health.

This Brand Partner opportunity is in the natural fertilizer/supplement industry, and you have a unique opportunity to get involved with us at a grass-roots level!

The organic consumer is beginning to realize our mission is to help people who are wanting to grow their own food in a natural and environmentally safe way, helping to
protect our environment.

Join us today!

Come Join Alpaca-Gold in this tremendous opportunity in helping people who are concerned with our environment and healthier food!

To learn more, contact us and let us know you would like to be a brand partner.

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Additional contact information:

Roberto Salazar | Owner and Operator
Phone: 970-640-0127

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