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100% Organic Fertilizer

Gardeners and people with house plants started to discover the huge benefits of this all natural 100% organic fertilizer but could only find it at the discharge site of Alpaca ranchers if they knew any. Along came two individuals who recognized the benefits of this product and started Alpaca-Gold a company dedicated to providing the public with a 100% natural fertilizer that works. Making Alpaca-Gold superior, we have added Neem Cake, also known as “Mother Nature’s Plant Food” which is used to help make our product a better fertilizer for your plants. Alpaca-Gold, there’s no fertilizer and humus product like it.

The Process

Each Alpaca-Gold product, in an effort to be completely organic and environmentally friendly, has gone through a process to maintain its high quality and cleanliness. Alpaca Ranchers gather the product from (Pastures) from the high plains of Colorado where the product is cleaned (rocks tree debris etc.) dried and stored for processing. Each batch is tested for any additional impurities by a certified lab (product label) and these results are kept on file. The original product called “Nuggets” after cleaning is packaged by weight for our customers who are looking for slow release of nutrients for their gardens and lawns. The product called” Dust” is screened and packaged for use as a tea mix or spread around the base of plants.

After two weeks, the lawn looks a bright green and it seems as though the grass has naturally begun to choke the weeds

Jesus Chavez

When I saw how one application took the leaves of my coffee plants from pale to dark green – I was convinced. I now use it on all my plants. Thanks Robert!!!!

Dr. Hatten Professor Colorado Mesa University

I would highly recommend Alpaca Gold to anyone for indoor or outdoor use. Being 100% organic and natural is a big plus for me because I feel like I am dong my part to be environmentally considerate and I see Alpaca Gold as a step in the right direction for the 21st century and improving our environment.


The alpaca tree rings work great! They are an effective, natural and clean way to apply this natural fertilizer.


It’s a fantastic natural way to control dandelion and I find it doesn’t seem to bother my tortoises which graze in lawns as well. It’s very low odor, although used straight I do find the flies like it but don’t lay eggs in my containers, go figure! Anyway I highly recommend it for all garden containers as well as trees.

Renee Gideon

Thank you for creating the Alpaca Tea Kits. This will make it very convenient for gardeners to utilize the alpaca manure. I can’t wait to try the fertilizer rings on my tomatoes and new peach trees this year.

Kelly Grummons
Owner, Timberline Gardens, Inc.
Arvada, CO 

I had one hanging basket of flowers that the wind had really damaged , so I started watering it with a mixture of alpaca dust dissolved in water once a week , and the flowers in that basket was the nicest of all my baskets this summer. this is a product that I will use for all my flowers and vegtables from now on.

Shirley B
Grand Junction , Co

Using Alpaca-Gold is a safe and non-toxic way to achieve my need for better growth in my gardens and my desire for a greener environment with very positive results.


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