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Alpaca’s were first imported into the United States in 1984 originally brought over for their natural Fiber which was finer and more luxurious then cashmere and softer then wool and considered by some as mother nature’s favorite animal. As their popularity grew so did the demand for the fiber. Small in comparison to other animals and their gentle nature they quickly grew in popularity. Alpaca ranchers started breeding selling and spreading the word on these magnificent creatures. One of the things that became apparent over time is that everywhere these animals pooped the grass was always greener and best of all it did not contain any weeds. What was discovered due to the three stomach chambers that Alpacas have the digestive process was so thorough that any other organic matter weeds etc. were nonexistent in the poop and was 100% composed of Nitrogen/Potassium and Phosphorous the three main ingredients required for optimum health in all plants. Gardeners and people with house plants started to discover the huge benefits of this all natural 100% organic fertilizer but could only find it at the discharge site of Alpaca ranchers if they knew any. Along came two individuals who recognized the benefits of this product and started Alpaca-Gold a company dedicated to providing the public with a 100% natural fertilizer that works. No additives no chemicals and no negative effects on our environment no pollution. Try Alpaca Gold and see for yourself the most beneficial fertilizer and humus product you can buy and its 100% safe for the environment, your family and pet.